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we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur >> a severe weather outbreak in the south and southeast a monster twister touching down in hattiesburg mississippi. they reported major damage in the area at the university of southern mississippi. so far reports of 3 people
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sdwrured fortunately students are out of school until wednesday because of mardi gras. viewers tweeting these pictures of the damage. emergency management agency saying there is so much debris in hattiesburg they can't get to a lot of the areas to assess the damage. they are trying to save the emergency for the area and are sending in emergency equipment. this hour tornado warnings have ex tir expired from the region. nasty weather will continue for days. huckabee starts now. keep you pe and more. now huckabee. >> tonight on huckabee. we are under attack and enemies are using a weapon. >> cybir is now at the point. technology is there to cripple a country. >> it is the huu.s. ready to fight auch a mange cybir atax. >> it it sounded toogood to be
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true. >> if you like your plan keep your plan and doctor keep your doctor. 7 million americans are losing their healthcare under obama care. >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you very much. why have a great crowd here . i am amazed so many of them were able to get to tothrough the ice and snow and blizzard of 200013 to be here. i think they are just glad to be in doors. some of them didn't know thape were coming and they showed up it was a warm place and here they are. welcome to huckabee. this past thursday night i had the pleasure of speaking on the campus was syracuse university to members of the faculty and student body on the future of conservatism.
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it was sponsorped with the republicans on campus who are in the minority in syracuse. futuruv conservatism is better in the hands of the students that i met than the adults who think they are in charge. i had dinner with 10 of the students before the spheech and i absolutely loved hearing those students explain what made them believe in a free market economy and sanctity of human life and limited government and strong national they didn't hold those views because it would make them more popular and loved by the fellow students. but because they thought through how they could be best be freed. plenty of them disagreed with everything that i stood for and even though hosstudents were respectful and gracious. today a students are not
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engaged and they fail would to care about their future. flankliip am not sure that a preponderous of stunes were all that totally plugged in either. some of my generation are active to push to 18 year olds to get to vote and racial equalitiity and those i met and other students that i met. they bring in intelligence and passion and thoughtful consideration of others and fire to stee the truth. i was disgusted to hear that people in the conservative movement think our way forward is to moomanipulate the process by destroying candidates with boat loads the of money and we operate establishment republicans and the frat sides of the approach
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. spend money to those with the conservative win will prove catastrophic and i am fine with raising them . why would any of them want to do the dirty work and detry a republican. i encouraged by the big picture perspective . they know what they are for and not just what they are against. i feel a lot better about the future of conservatism and the present. i vehicle the younger conservative taking a larger role and shaping the republican party. i went to syracuse to en're courage them. i hope i did that. and i know for sure. they encouraged meep. [ applause ]. >> and that's my view. federal reserve reported that
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hackers had hit the website. they didn't affect the operations of the central back but the recent increase experts staying that the u.s. is one of the most vulnerable countries in the cyber attack. >> late january they were hack personal information on several hundred employees was compromised by the intruders and this week, it was reported that cyber crim nams - criminals are continuing to hack. they are reporting hacking attempts and the new york times and washington post and bloomberg . emaims -- e-mails were exposed in the bush family and pass codes that bush 43 security gate. stow much of the count reap's -- count country dependent.
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it affects the operations. on wednesday leon paneta sphoke on the thousands of cyber attacks every day. >> thousands of cyber attacks that are striking in the silicon vail and at government and defense department and intelligence agencies . cyber is now in a point where the technology is it there to cripple a count reap -- country. >> and joining us now. professor of defense anal stis post graduate school dr. john aquilla. great to have you with us . thank you for joining us today. >> let's define what is a cyber attack? >> a cyber attack aims to disrupt flow. sometimes thape control our
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power grids and sometimes it controls our finances and stock markets and everything that runs our society is run . that extends to our management as well general keith alexander said on a stale of one-10. he rates the cyber security a three. >> if we had some serious cyber war going on. this is it that doesn't just affect the military but every single american. talk about the ways they would be affected immediately and personally. >> you are in the middle of severe weather. imagine the power going out for more than 20 million people without power. i don't think want whole power grid could be taken down but possible on a regional basis. think .
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disruption of air traffic control in bad weather and busy times . think the floy of oil in pipe lines and natural gas. they are run by automated croils. these are each subjects to disruption. everything that makes us pres perous and they also imperil us. >> and going to the atm machine . to do standard banking and all sorts of things we take for granted and super market scanners can beed bypass a cyber attack. >> everything you do depends on information security . in 2007, some hackers attacked want count reap of estonia and 97 percent of the people do electronic banking. >> and this week hackers had gotin into even the wall
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street journal and the new york times . i am sure when they got in want new york times they didn't find anything worth while. but a they got into the accounts was bush 41 and 43. that is scary stuff. the gate code to former president bush's house they were able to hack that. that is frightening, isn't it? >> llet me frighten you. our defense system are intruded on . names in public that speak to very serious intrusions in our system necessary real life. we do exercises all of the time to see how secure our exercises are. we have a lot of room for improvement. >> how can we stop it? >> i think unfortunately we have had legislative grid lock long before the hyper partisanship of our time .
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we had 20 years of grid lock . largely on individuals and commercial concerns abouting information about incidents. legislatively we have had problems and also a wrong mind sit of defense . probably people in your audience are working in places and at their hoims and have fire walls to protect their information. the master hackers walk right through fire wallings. the fire walm only what it knows to be a threat. we center to walk beyond and think of strongly enchristing all of our information . just ask your audience, how many of them have a 12 character pass word that is it maid up of letters and numbers and symbols, you can be stecure for a while as long as you change that regularly. but six or seven lerpts, a
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hacker can crack that in less than a minute. >> that is it scary, for people who are good in hack nothing computers, what do we differently in the united states than in russia. we might not center the best approach. we have taken ape law enforcement view of hackers in our country and relations are poisonous between the authorities and hacking community . on the other hand, russia and china, the master hookers are courted. there was a young man aaron swarts. a pioneering figure in the internet who decileded he wanted to put all of the academic articles writen in journams on line and available to inch. to a professor we love this idea. but he accessed mit journals and the government was going to put him on trial for 35
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years if found guilty. instead of a plea he killed himself. recently i took a position asking president obama to part're pardon a brilliant tust - autistic know about ufo's. he did a little bit of the disruption in the information systems and we spent 10 years trying to extradiet him from britain. he was a suicide threat and they would not exextradiet him. >> the president's fantasy of obama care is it becoming a farce and more facts revealed about the healthcare law leaves you feeling nauseous. we will expose obama care and
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all it is it about when we come back. >> i would like to hear fru. go to tell me what you think in the tell me what you think in the lead feed back seconds . my insurance rates e probably gonna double. but, dad, you've got... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. with accident forgiveness, they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. [ voice of dennis ] indeed. are you in good hands?
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>> one of the biggest promiseless that the president made touth the grand health care plan was >> notice matter how we reform healthcare, we'll keep this promise to the american people. if you like your doctor, keep you're doctor. period. if you like your hilth care plan, you will be able to keep your healthcare plan, period. >> oh, really? well guess what 7 million people will lose their insurance coopereding to the nonpartisan congressional office. it is it cheaper for the business owner to pay a fine
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than covering the employees. what are they opting for? joining me is private practice physician dr. maf i dwelling. good to have you back on the show. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> 7 million people will lose coverage balse employers can stay i pay $10,000 to cover them or a $2500 fine. >> economicings are simple. >> it was all foreseeable. patient and afortedable care act is a political stirkus. it is not about care at all . doesn't protect patients and not affordable. we could have seen it happening. anybody reading the law could see it happen. but they didn't read it before they voted for it . they had to pass it before reading it now we have a
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political stirkus and humans are doing what humans would do. a man owing a business wants to keep his business viable . when the cost of the insurance puts him out of business, he in the hoe alternative but to down the insurance. they will buy it on an exchange. that is it another problem . i would say that while the cvo said 7 million losing insurance, you ain't seen nothing yet. millions more will lose their insurance . those who will lose it will find it difficult to afford to buy it themselves. >> you hit on something. if their employer doesn't provide it because it is it under 50 employees they don't have to. >> they will not let them work over 30 hourings. but the individual is required by law to have it and so they
8:21 pm
have to go get it and the law said they can't do without it. this is it, i think a piece of >> a human tragedy . stadly, the poorest among us will be hit the worst. people are making decisions and the american pern is snart and they know how they run their lives and they should be able to make those choices. >> many are buying milk to stend their children to college and not buy insurance. now their insurance will be more expensive and less likely to be able to afford it . now pay a penalty . life gets more expensive and they don't have anything for it and i would venture to say when you look at the plan. it is not insurance that they are having to buy. they are buying a benefit package and the poorest amongst us is it buyingtility
8:22 pm
-- coverage. >> and we could have a catastrophic plan. this is not a insurance. but a benefit. it is it huge and bankrupting benefit package. that quite frankly no one can afford. last night i talked to one of my patients, who told me she had talked to her insurance company and she was warned that her $700 policy could going to $2000 a month in 2014. 2000. unbelievable. who? in your audience can afford that? >> they can't . that's the rude awakening. what people in congress are beginning to think and maybe there is it issues and ask our audience. are you having problems getting an appointment to see
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the doctor? what is happening to the quality of your healthcare? we'll talk about that when we return. [ male announcer ] ok, here's the way the system works. let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much you think. except it's 2% every year. does that make a difference? search "cost of financial advisors" ouch. over time it really adds up. then go to e-trade and find out how much our advice costs. spoiler alert: it's low. really? yes, really. e-trade offers investment advice and guidance from dedicated, professional financial consultants.
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it's guidance on your terms, not ours. that's how our system works. e-trade. less for us. more for you.
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am the quality of care get harder? >> people are finding it already hard to see the doctor. the average wait patients are having to wait four months to see a doctor. one of my friends in massachusetts called for an appointment for a pap smear. she was given an appointment 11 months away. talk about it difficult.
8:27 pm
the whole doctor community has changed. main of us in private practice decipeded to join hospital practice where they are now working for a hospital. direct conflict of and not a good thing. thape are now 9-5 and not 24-7. as a doctor i work 24've 7 and i am available for my patients. there is nothing good about an insurance card unless you center a doctor. you need a doctor or somebody to call. not to stand in line in an emergency line but someone to call. most of them are not available in the end of the phone and not in private practice but working for a insurance company or hospital. waits are long and the whole thing of a relationship, that is just gone. everything good about a doctor/patient relationship is better care. better care requires a doctor that cares about you.
8:28 pm
you need a doctor, not a name on the card but a person in the end of the phone and someone you can call and trust. >> you knowledge somebody in congress realize whata a mess. democrats and republicans who didn't vote for it any hope that you can see when you talk to members of congress that may might want to change thing >> indeed, i have seen some home. independent payment advisory board, there is it a co-sponsorship to ripeel that. and hope to ripeel the device tax. and all of the device companies decided to move off shoir and firing people and not developing research. >> doctor, i want to make sure our audience understands. braces on your dids teeth, to being a walker or a wheelchair or bag or anything. there is it a tax for having
8:29 pm
the. i never understood that one. >> indeed it is it a 2.3 tax on total revenue for everything over $100 . that will be passed on to the consume . >> and really, talk about unaffordable and unacceptable . again, i have to stress that good care is it about having a doctor/patient relationship. everything good happens between a doctor and a patient . last time i was on your show. the government does not bilong in the room. there is nothing about the processes or paperwork that makes for a good care . given your last segment about stiber hacking. imagine when your electronic medical record goes to the can have the government and they hack in your most private life. everybody's medical record is now accessible to the world.
8:30 pm
that is wrong and personal and private and built on relationships and not about government bureaucracy. the dems are starting to see that. no republican voted for the bill and there was a lot of democrats who did. evan bayepiwho works for a medical device company is asking for the concerning to repeal the tax. the dims are giting smart and they will have to wait in the same line asirve else. give them an opportunity to wait in line in an emergency room. i was in the emergency room that sits right outside of my office and i was there the other night. the lines are out in the hallway. there noltt enough chairs near patients. older women waiting 10-12 hours to see a doctor.
8:31 pm
>> we hope to have you back. you make it clear and scare the daylights out of us. >> there is it hope, there is it hope. [ applause ] >> cipe sigh director john brennan tries to defend the president's program. [ male announcer ] playing in the nfl is tough. ♪
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>> live from america's news headquarters i am marianne raffer rafferty. police are offering $1 million reward for the rays of officer dorner. police on saturday evacuated a lowe's store after someone reported a possible siting. no word if that is legitimate. they have set up a command post nearby. new developments in the murder of a chicago teenager.
8:35 pm
they are questioning people in the death of the 15-year-old. he was killed gang related shooting. they raised two men ages 19 and 20. no charges have been filed. first lady michelle obama attended the funeral. she had performed in inauguration festivities days before she was killed. for the latest headlines log on to fox news dt come. l get you bo huckabee. >> the president's drone program that authorized the targeting killing of americans is coming under fire . the president's pick for cia director john brennan. >> the hearing is one of the things that can be done and this type of discourse between the legislative and executive branch is important. there need to be continued speeches given bypass the executive branch to explain the counter terrorism
8:36 pm
programs. we only take action to save lives when there is no other alternative. >> definition of torteur. listening to john brennan try to say as much as possible and taking as much time without saying anything. that's torteur . that's what why have seen. i think the president has a lot of explaining to do. >> and vice-president joe biden is in the forecast of the gun control agenda. he was locked and loaded in the last tour of europe just last week. biden and alon looked to take the moment lightly. a perfect grader was suspended from poigning a finger gun . another using hillo kitty bubble gum .
8:37 pm
a senyear old in colorado got suspinded for throwing an imaginary hand grenade at a box. >> i can't believip got disbended. >> i can't believe you got disbended. >> it is it good that joe biden is not still in school. because he would get disbended, too. >> speaking of gun control. tony benit is it for banning assault weapons. he made a case for the reasons we need our second amendment rights. >> it is the kind of turn that happens to the great country of germany when the nazies came over and created tragic things and they had to be told off. comprehend -- and if we continue this kind of violence and accept it in our count reap, the rest of the world is going to take
8:38 pm
care of us in a bad way. >> hum. tony bennett is one of the great entertainers and singers of all time. he may have left his heart in san francisco and thoughts in manhattan that day. you heard what he was saying, well, you know, we had to stop the nazies. let's be reminded of something. i will be in israel next week. a month ago i was in pol land auswitch. the reason it was possible for the nazies to march people to death they were the only ones with the weapons. who could stop them? the stockholder amendment rightless of every americanings are precious. it is not so we can go to camp david and pop a few clays with the president which he does all of the time. it is so to protect our freedom and fament fam if
8:39 pm
necessary from tyranny. that's why we need the amendment. neither rain, sleet or snow. that used to be the mantra of the postoffice. that may not stop mail delivery. it is it a lack of money to prevent you from getting saturday mail. the post mastir general explains why they will stop deliveries and pick ups on saturday. to give perspictive. a typically large organization has cash on hand and quick ability and two months worth of the cash to cover operating cost. in october, the postal service had less than four days of cash on hand. that is it scary . this business to be in. >> no, the problem that the
8:40 pm
poistal. congress gets in the middle of what they are doing. like closing a rural outpost that serves one customer every three days. that is controversial. but any time congress gets involved in the delivering of the letter and dictate what should issue a practical business decision . just remember it niver ends well. i have a position. print up more of the elvis stamps, man . sell that, that , would put you back in the black at least in the. >> up next. do wemp know all of their do wemp know all of their choices when faced witharn're [ male announcer ] when you wear dentures you may not know
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she told us how she chose life when she was a pregnant teen carrying future pop superstar justin bieber. she supports crisis pregnancy centers and also executive producer of a new film about a expectant mother faced with a
8:45 pm
choice. patty joins us now. >> thank you for having me. >> you had a reason for making this film and it was not political. it so much of a part of your own story. >> yeah. >> pregnant at 17 and being in a crisis pregnancy center that nurtured and helped and gave you support and gave you the power to be a mom. >> yeah. >> so did you know then how difficult some of these choices would be for you? >> yeah, you know at the time i was and scared and unprepared and i just ended up finding a place that would give me a place to live and that was a pregnancy crisis center. i don't know where i would be today without that place. >> there were people who want to politicalize this. that is tragic because your
8:46 pm
motive. you know how that helped you through a tough time of your life. >> right. >> but given -- >> the movie is, is a story about beatingoven and not making a political statement one way or the other . the reason whyip wanted to getted. 100 percent of the proceeds are going to charity and they are supporting pregnancy homes all over the world . because of my past, it hits home with me and that's why i am excited to be a part. >> have pime tried to use youroin advocas i to decide you and your son? it seems like there are pime who want to exploit somebody in the entertainment business and just even separate them from their roots, is that happening? >> i think the media likes to make up stories. >> oh, really, i neverinoid
8:47 pm
that. i am shock, shocked patty they would do that. >> i have seen stories says justin bieber's mom new film is dividing them and he's not happy about it and that's not the case. >> justin is not mad at awe? >> no, not at all. he is supportive of my and why i want to do this film is to help pregnant girlings. notice matter what your stance, i think that everyone would agree it is a good thing to help young. >> it would be irerational for him to be upset. if you made the choice many people pressured you to make high wouldn't be here. i wonder how many young girls. patty making a decision as a scared 17 year old resulted in you know, the person they adore even being here.
8:48 pm
you talk about the passion you have for the organizations and crisis prig nancy center . if this film catches hold and people respond to it. what is the potential and what does it do to help crisis pregnancy centers. >> the goal is to raise 10 million for prig nancy centers athe world. they are planning to show the movies and thretharies are hosting it and so the money raised. 100 percent of the proceeds go to charity. >> it is it a film about beethoven's mother? >> yes. >> that has something to do with crisis pregnancy centers 21st century. >> the reason i resonated with his mother she had a difficult
8:49 pm
life growing up . you know, she was in a horrible marriage relationship and she really struggled with you know, facing suicide and abortion. so much of that resonate my story. >> patty, it is great to have you here. i think the candosh of your story touches people . we highway patrol that the poom -- hope that the film will race money for the centers. >> he who lasts last laughs the loudest. we'll have a humorous spin on the news, coming up next.
8:50 pm
8:51 pm
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
it is it approximate good to lighten up. ladies and gentlemen, the last laugh. >> all right. we have a panel of comedians. jim, and ryan and heather who is author of the book my inappropriate life. great to have you guys here today. we'll take items that are in the news this week and let you respond to them. grammies are this weekend. cbs sent out a memo h p is this is it a memo. they are put out there. >> please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adquately covered and thong-type costumes are
8:54 pm
problematic and obscenity is unscepable for cast . >> i am glad they're doing it it is it about time to focus on the grammies and that is it a point we hear. going up the club and focus going up in the club . not anywhere else. >> ryan, it is it over the top to be this explicit in telling people what they can and cannot wear? >> they included that you are not supposed to wear bands or ribbons to support the causes. it is it a good thing. we took our lance armstrong bracelet off two weeks ago . mentioned no puffy skin. you should go to the doctor and not the grammiless. >> and jim, if you are presenting in the grammies.
8:55 pm
would this change anything you would wear. >> no,id would go just like this . eating a sandwich you know, and this is it the network that has two and half men. you know, every word. i let my -- over there . i think it is it beyonce in the grammies. case closed. >> good point. it may be one of those grammies where the artist are going to have to present themselves based on the way they sing or perform rather than how they dress. >> when he talked about the causes and no advertising. what about the neck tattoos. how do you cover that. >> most of them have gucci. >> little wayne can't snile. >> pakistan is it opening an amusement park near the community where osama bin laden kimed. -- killed. they say it has nothing to do
8:56 pm
with that. do you find it weird, hey, kids, we'll go to osama land or whatever they call it >> finally, that region neepeded amusement park, right. not food or water or clothings. we need rides it is just like disneyland except mouseteers get turbin. >> we'll go to pakistan. forget disney wormed. we'll go do the suicide roller coaster and put that seat and give me a cell phone. you can only ride it once. how are you doing? >> is that where you would take your kids? >> rock climb water sports. how is that to do in a burka . a miniature golf course. minal it would be a of bin
8:57 pm
laden's house. >> and they have specials actually. just like action park with a soda can. show up with a head of an infedel you get in half price. >> oh. got that. [ applause ] >> and al qaeda friendly audience. come on >> and this is no big surprise, it is it rumored that joe biden will probably run for president in 2016. what a treasure chest of the materialings. >> i am moving to pakistan. if he becomes president. it i will get a job at small world after all. >> thanks a lot. >> and joe biden is a punch line and like two guys walk in a bar. joe biden. >> the guy is bipolar. >> and heather?
8:58 pm
>> of course, we write late night comedy and i would like him to run because we wouldn't have to write anything. but i don't think he should run. go straight to the endorsement for porcelain veneers and polydent. >> ryan reese. >> one person who would vote for him. george w. bush. final leap they are not making fun of me. ngreat to center you jim, ryan and heather. from new york. this is it mike huckabee, good this is it mike huckabee, good night and god bless . my bad. tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. nope, i've got... [ voice of dennis ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have... [ voice of dennis ] allstate. [ normal voice ] same agent and everything. it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no, we're not.
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